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Vitamin Eh

It feels like full blown summer here in Austin. Which caught me by surprise for a number of reasons. One being that I’m still trying to find a sun screen I can wear on my face (or anywhere really) that doesn’t contain gluten. Little did I know I was rubbing vitamin E derived from wheat on my face all along. That explains *a lot*. So I gave all of my stuff to my sister and I’m starting over fresh. With something. I’ve not located what that is going to be yet. Vitamin E is in in all kinds of creams generally seen as hypoallergenic. I’ll have to stay out of the sun until I get it sorted out. Texas is not forgiving in that department.

Madeleine Albright

I like to cycle from fiction to non-fiction books. My non-fiction selections tend to be for my continuing education. Or re-education in some cases. I listened to a lot of right wing radio as a child and huge chunks of my political past was marred by hot takes from conservative “personalities” with zero qualifications beyond being able to exhale with sound.

I’ve come to realize I don’t know much about the political figures from the 1990s. Not much that could be considered reliable even on a biographical level. So right now I’m reading Madeleine Albright’s memoir. Her recent twitter victory over Conan O’Brien and waffle date on Parks and Rec brought her back to my attention as a ghost from my political memory.

For someone who fled the Nazi as a child in the 1930s (with a diplomat father who fought the growing communism in post-war Czechoslovakia) to eventually seeking political asylum in the US because of the communist takeover…you’d think her background and convictions in key points of history would have led her to be seen more favorably by Republicans even if she is a Democrat. Yeah, not really sadly.

It’s interesting to read her experience in higher education in the ’50s-’60s and her husband’s newspaper background. Always something new to learn and after being a newspaper intern I have a perverse pleasure in newspaper drama. I haven’t made it out of the ’70s yet, but it’s been a good read so far.

Last Car Payment

I made my last car payment. Well, I’m supposed to call them to see if there is a balance left, but it is the last payment in my little booklet thing. I’m a free woman. Only education debt now. I’ve decided instead of framing my college diploma (which is around here…somewhere) I’ll frame proof I’ve payed off my loan. I’ve spent more time on that loan than at college. Give credit to what really has been the most influential thing in my life.  That slow leak out of my bank account for all these years.

Crazy Person

A drunk/off his meds/meth-head (your pick) was ranting and raving in the parking lot near my car at 1 AM a few weeks ago. Very violent sounding and a scary moment for me despite my well documented history with random bad things most people might experience once in their life.

I turned my light on and looked out my bedroom window because I wanted to see how my car was keeping up. He surprised me by being right there in the grass near my bedroom window. I fortunately am on the second floor or else this story might have gone differently.

I’m pretty sure he saw me because the next thing I knew he had moved out of sight and the noise was coming around to the front and he stomped up my stairs and he was at my door. I put a chair in front of the door, shut off the light, and grabbed my cricket bat. Then I heard what I thought was him falling down the stairs followed by more cursing and stomping and then eventually he left. After about ten minutes of quiet I heard sirens off in the distance. The whole thing start to finish took about 20 minutes.

The next morning when I left for work I looked out the peephole to make sure no one had stayed the night there. I open the door, turn the corner… he had kicked down the siding on that first landing! Not only that he left muddy socked footprints around. I took pictures of it all and went to the leasing office when they opened (which made me late for work). I showed him the pictures and he let me tell the story. I told him the exact time it happened etc etc. Then I said I heard sirens but they seemed to be outside of the complex so I wasn’t sure if that was car accident related or about this.

He let me go on and speculate out loud like that then told me the police picked him up from the front gate area about the same time frame I gave. (!!!!) So they got the guy. I didn’t call the police because to be honest I thought he would just move along on his own. Plus I didn’t want to be responsible for a mentally ill person to be shot by the cops. I guess that was 1 AM logic for you. Now I’m not sure why I didn’t call the police when he was at my door banging around and committing property damage. The main thing is that he was caught I guess.

Also, whenever you have the chance, please vote in favor of more mental health and alcohol recovery program funding. These problems don’t fix themselves and often prey upon people unable to afford help while they are in the midst of their troubles.

Seattle Reign Supporters Group

I contacted a supporters group for Seattle Reign and designed a postcard using my artwork to be handed out at the next match to help make people aware of the SG section so we can get a more robust group of people there and improve the atmosphere.

Since I no longer have access to where I used to get things printed (and other places just don’t believe me when I say I drew this myself) I printed them myself at Kinkos and cut them out myself. A whole evening and three blades later I was done and they were shipped off to Seattle. They were handed out Saturday I believe. I’m not sure how it went, but hopefully people are now more aware in the very least.

I secretly also wanted players to see them but Hope was gone and Jess got injured and I don’t really hear things back from others so I guess I’ll never know how that went. Mystery is pretty much the only thing guaranteed in life.