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2017 New Year’s Resolutions

I spend so much emotional energy every day ‘saying no’ to myself because of my autoimmune adventures that my New Year’s Resolutions tend to be more of the ‘saying yes’ variety. The good news is that (outside of fixing my sleep schedule) I’m really good at forming habits. 

  • Office Goals. Become the most positive person at work. This shouldn’t be too difficult. (I don’t have a self-esteem problem. Hah.)
  • Reclaim ‘Dead Time’. Add structure to evenings so I don’t come home from work and by the end of the night have no recollection of what I did besides graze and watch a screen. This might require using a calendar to set up productive blocks of time and annoying alarms to snap me out of a daze.
  • Volunteering. Let’s start with once and move on from there. I’m tentatively focusing on spring outdoor cleanup along the lake. 
  • Read at least 20 books. It’s a cliché resolution, but in 2016 I was the worst in ten years with only 9 books read so apparently I can’t be trusted. 


When you have health problems that are mostly out of your control sometimes being able to master yourself in some fashion, whatever that may be, is a really important goal. It doesn’t even have to be something major. Getting control of something in your life that is even the equivalent of adjusting a flyaway strand hair is still a victory. String enough small changes together and by the end of the year you are a slightly better version of you.

My resolutions tend to lean towards that. I go for a series of slight changes of behavior that add up to something by the end.

  1. Wash hands for 30 seconds after using the washroom. Not that I don’t wash my hands, but it’s normally an absent minded thing isn’t it? Why 30? Because the way I count it is really 20 and that is about what the experts recommend.
  2. Learn how to make 3 home made gluten free/corn syrup free/xanthan gum free (basically nothing at the grocery store) sauces and dressings to add to the rotation. I miss having sauces.
  3. Work on a project every day for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Add poetry into the reading rotation.
  5. Shift my day by two hours. Two hours earlier in the morning. Two hours earlier to bed. Sorry alternate time zone friends. No more late nights with you online.
  6. Shut up more. I could use about a 50% reduction of personality.