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Falafels. Fala-la-la-la-fels.

I’ve been craving falafels lately. I haven’t had any since this whole celiac fun started, but I found an easy recipe that I could use a smidgen of potato starch with and it worked. Mostly.

It didn’t take a lot of ingredients: chickpeas, garlic, onion, parsley, starch of choice, sea salt, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and grape seed oil.

My big problem came from substituting canned/drained chickpeas instead of dried ones that had been soaked. I think my canned version had too much moisture in them so when I tried to fry them the patty disintegrated into the oil. Yuck. With the remaining batter I made the patties, rubbed them with the grape seed oil, and baked them on a sheet at 400 for 30 minutes with a flip in the middle. Came out great. So my suggestion is that if you used canned you bake them. Resuscitated dry chickpeas you can fry.

My secondary problem was the saltiness. I’ll use half the salt than they suggested next time. Maybe that’s just my celiac influenced taste-buds at work, but you might consider that.

Califia Farms Cold Brew Cocoa Noir Iced Coffee with Almond Milk

For the most part I have switched from coffee to unsweetened green tea the last six months or so after completely cutting dairy out of my diet. I wasn’t much of a black coffee drinker and I couldn’t have artificial creamers (because of corn) and found other alternate “milks” just didn’t taste right. So abandoned coffee. Even gave my coffee maker to my sister.

I saw this Califia Farms cold brew version of coffee at the uppity mart near where I work and had a sudden craving for coffee as a flavor. I couldn’t see anything in the label (gluten, dairy, corn) that I couldn’t have so I thought I’d give it a try.

It tasted good if you are a fan of chocolate milk. Quite sweet. To be honest I couldn’t taste much coffee in it at all. It was rich and creamy. On the thicker side. Lots of chocolate flavor with a note of almond of course. Whatever coffee flavor though could be misinterpreted as the bitter hints of darker chocolate in the end.

While I was served no ill effects from drinking it it also didn’t do anything for the coffee flavor cravings I was hoping to appease. I probably won’t get it again because I tend to get floored with things that sweet, but as far as my autoimmune issues go there wasn’t anything in it that I reacted to so it won’t be completely off my list. I see they have a salted caramel option so I might give them another chance at getting the coffee flavor right.

HEB Souper Fruit

I’ve tried a number of single serve cold vegetable/fruit “soup” drinks the last few months. They’ve been popping  up everywhere from store brands to name brands. Ginger/orange/carrot (gag) and many many more. All were pretty horrible between texture (thin liquid with hard chunky things being the worst) or simply tasting bad or tinny.

This time I tried a straight up cold fruit soup.  HEB’s Souper Fruit lingonberry, cranberry, and grape. The packaging explains that a lingonberry is a popular European red berry if you didn’t know that already. It also says  the soup has a “sweet floral aroma” which I can agree with.  It is chunky with berries but the liquid around it isn’t thin so the consistency doesn’t trigger any texture issues with me. It is sweet, but not overly so and sour, but well balanced. There isn’t any yucky citric acid crap in it which I have to avoid. In fact the ingredients are pretty simple: water, lingonberry, cranberry, apple extract sweetener, red grape juice concentrate, citrus fiber, potassium sorbate, and natural flavor. It is gluten free of course and “suitable for vegans” and is promoted for its fiber content.

While it isn’t anything I’d include in my regular diet it was pretty good, portable with a pull top and plastic film with a opening for drinking, and I’d try it again probably.