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Infographic: House Reign


I drew an infographic merging my favorite soccer team with the Game of Thrones style universe. The story of Seattle Reign FC of the NWSL has been inserted into a medieval setting and turned into an infographic. Why? Because I can. So I did.

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Update: I made an animated gif of the “Campaigns” for the tumblr version. It’s rough, but now I have a lot of ideas for other things. So that’s dangerous. >:D



This is a show that I think slipped through the cracks for many people. I came into Vikings late through social media. After it was about six episodes in. Between people tweeting their love and pretty tumblr pictures it was hard to ignore for long. Pretty? That was unquestionable. Good though?

The History Channel was putting it on so I was worried it was going to be some kind of history-ish half drama half teachy thing. Hey, I love The Men Who Built America as much as the next person (ok, more than the next person…I’m weird), but I didn’t have time for a Vikings version of that. I wanted an all out scripted drama and that’s what I got.

If you have Game of Thrones burn out this is the show for you. It has every bit as much character goodness and grittiness without the bloated mess that a book translated to television unfortunately has. Instead of having a cast of  thousands it has a small cast but very clear story goals. All I ask of my shows is that they do what they set out to do and Vikings succeeds at the scope it was targeting.

It is an explorers narrative. It is a family story. Brother against brother. It’s a story about a bamf shield maiden. It’s a power struggle between houses. It manages to pull off making two religions feel like living religions. That last doesn’t always translate on tv well. I think the only other show I’ve seen do similar is HBOs Rome.

The scope of the show is both micro and macro in that it revolves around one family, but the context is within the framework of viking expansion and growing influence as explorers. It also does a great job at showing early egalitarianism in Viking culture that shows the early seeds of a superior egalitarian society in the region today. Shield maidens FTW!