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Falafels. Fala-la-la-la-fels.

I’ve been craving falafels lately. I haven’t had any since this whole celiac fun started, but I found an easy recipe that I could use a smidgen of potato starch with and it worked. Mostly.

It didn’t take a lot of ingredients: chickpeas, garlic, onion, parsley, starch of choice, sea salt, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and grape seed oil.

My big problem came from substituting canned/drained chickpeas instead of dried ones that had been soaked. I think my canned version had too much moisture in them so when I tried to fry them the patty disintegrated into the oil. Yuck. With the remaining batter I made the patties, rubbed them with the grape seed oil, and baked them on a sheet at 400 for 30 minutes with a flip in the middle. Came out great. So my suggestion is that if you used canned you bake them. Resuscitated dry chickpeas you can fry.

My secondary problem was the saltiness. I’ll use half the salt than they suggested next time. Maybe that’s just my celiac influenced taste-buds at work, but you might consider that.