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Seattle Reign 2014 Poster

Seattle Reign 2014 Poster

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The new kits for Seattle Reign’s 2014 NWSL season came out so I spent the evening updating last year’s Reign poster. Drawing the new kits. Adding Syd who I happened to have already drawn. Drawing Naho from scratch. Giving Jess eyes finally.

I was fortunate to be invited to do an official match day poster for the Chicago Red Stars last year so I decided I had to make a similar one for my favorite team as well. From left to right we of course have: Jess Fishlock, Hope Solo, Kate Deines, Sydney Leroux, and in front is Nahomi Kawasumi. Feel free to print out a copy and take one to a game to get signed. It was made to be used. A printable version is at the link above.

*Once there the download button is on the right. Just print it “to size” onto card stock of your choice and trim it out. I’d suggest a metal ruler with an x-acto knife if you want the full bleed to the edge when you’re done.

Print, take it to a game, get it signed. 🙂

Infographic: House Reign


I drew an infographic merging my favorite soccer team with the Game of Thrones style universe. The story of Seattle Reign FC of the NWSL has been inserted into a medieval setting and turned into an infographic. Why? Because I can. So I did.

The Third Age of Heroes | The Nine Kingdoms | StarfireMt. Regniere | PortlandiaAnimal Companion | Battle of Jeld-Wen Hall | Domka’s DuelMuddy York / Battle of Muddy York | The Reserves War | The Queen’s Army | The First Battle of Cascadia

Update: I made an animated gif of the “Campaigns” for the tumblr version. It’s rough, but now I have a lot of ideas for other things. So that’s dangerous. >:D


Infographic: Third Time’s a Charm


Since this wasn’t the first attempt at a league I became interested in looking back at the two previous attempts and comparing the three. I finished this before a lot of the details on the new league were clear, but the cap, NT funded players, and college draft had taken place. Along with a brief comparison I noted what each league saw was important in their success strategy (corporate support, social media, etc) and touched on what their fatal flaw ultimately was.

My first reaction is: So much money squandered! I feel like we could get that to go much further these days.

Sources, if you enjoy that sort of thing.