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Califia Farms Cold Brew Cocoa Noir Iced Coffee with Almond Milk

For the most part I have switched from coffee to unsweetened green tea the last six months or so after completely cutting dairy out of my diet. I wasn’t much of a black coffee drinker and I couldn’t have artificial creamers (because of corn) and found other alternate “milks” just didn’t taste right. So abandoned coffee. Even gave my coffee maker to my sister.

I saw this Califia Farms cold brew version of coffee at the uppity mart near where I work and had a sudden craving for coffee as a flavor. I couldn’t see anything in the label (gluten, dairy, corn) that I couldn’t have so I thought I’d give it a try.

It tasted good if you are a fan of chocolate milk. Quite sweet. To be honest I couldn’t taste much coffee in it at all. It was rich and creamy. On the thicker side. Lots of chocolate flavor with a note of almond of course. Whatever coffee flavor though could be misinterpreted as the bitter hints of darker chocolate in the end.

While I was served no ill effects from drinking it it also didn’t do anything for the coffee flavor cravings I was hoping to appease. I probably won’t get it again because I tend to get floored with things that sweet, but as far as my autoimmune issues go there wasn’t anything in it that I reacted to so it won’t be completely off my list. I see they have a salted caramel option so I might give them another chance at getting the coffee flavor right.

Tuesday Trio: Lone Gunman

TV Trio: Lone Gunman

“When I look around, you know what I see? Losers. I mean like, folks who have lost stuff.” – Guardians of the Galaxy

One of my favorite stories are of people who aren’t the perfect tool for the job, perhaps being physically damaged/brought low by life/or not even from the best stock to begin with, but who offer their services anyway. Because they see a job that needs to be done and their mistakes and imperfections aren’t going to stop them from doing it.

I recently consumed everything Netflix had of Hell on Wheels and felt there was a kinship there to two of my other favorite shows Justified and Person of Interest. The “I may be imperfect as a person but I can do the hell out of what needs to be done” -ness of them shone through. It doesn’t hurt that Anson Mount and Jim Caviezel could practically be the same person. Like, have we seen them in a room together?

Hell on Wheels
Cullen Bohannon is among thousands of ex-soldiers after the Civil War looking to start fresh, outrun some demons, and put a few demons in the ground along the way. While tracking down men who harmed his family while he was away at war he becomes involved in western railroad expansion. The work and constant movement suits him, but tugging at his mind is the horrifying realization that he might have a purpose beyond the narrow focused vengeance he had gotten used to after the war.

US Marshall Raylan Givens returns to his rural coal-mining Eastern Kentucky stomping grounds after a stint in Miami and is face to face with people from  his old life that contributed to him going into law enforcement and leaving Harlan County in the first place. Now that he’s back he gets confronted with his choices in life, how he fits into his old community, and what justice is in a place like no other.

Person of Interest
Former military/CIA officer John Reese hits an all time low in life before he meets a wealthy programmer Harold Finch who has created an AI that can identify people involved in impending crimes. It isn’t brains conscripting brawn but rather two people with a similar need for purpose filling those roles for each other. Both Reese and Finch have lost a lot in life but they are similarly determined to use their skills for good even if they are individually imperfect tools for the job.