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Pumpkin “Carving” 2013

Work is holding some Halloween activities and since I can’t participate in any food related things (gluten, guh) I double down on everything else. So I am going to work in a costume and submitting this little nugget to the pumpkin decorating contest. I knew after that audacious Dalek themed pumpkin I tried carving I was not going to do that again. Why I thought my first ever pumpkin to carve should be like a level nine I’m not even sure.

My current desires were these: 1) easy 2) light 3) ADORABLE. I succeeded at all three with this little bugger. I got the idea off The Internets, but had to be bothered to drive around looking for the perfect guy, vampire teeth, and dig around for some thumb tacks.


As you can see it is an easy process. Cut a slot for the teeth. Dig out the innards. Insert teeth. Insert thumb tacks. Cackle to yourself.

Paper Dolls: Hope Solo


Back in spring 2012 I saw some delightful Downton Abbey paper dolls. They were well done, a little sassy, and darn it – I’ve always loved paper dolls.  I would have made an excellent 1930s tomboy with a secret paper doll stash. Anyway, as usual I looked at it and decided it was something I could pull off if only I had the right topic. Hope Solo just got done blowing up Dancing with the Stars so it was fresh on my mind. Why not do a tomboy’s version of paper dolls? The first version I did had more DWTS costumes in it. This is v2.0 which removed most of the DWTS costumes and instead has Hope’s short stint with the Sounders Women represented, a Hyperice addition, and more reading material. It’s more of an Olympic edition I guess. Once Seattle Reign settles on a kit I’ll try to update it with that or maybe add another sheet.

You can download a free copy to print and use
(yes, I tested it and it works)
over at my neglected deviant art page.

I really love drawing in miniature so the book covers were a blast to do as was the Starbucks cup. I’m kind of excited about doing new stuff in the future. With the hard bits done I’m not sure why I haven’t gone back to add more just for the heck of it. I’ll add it to my list.