Califia Farms Cold Brew Cocoa Noir Iced Coffee with Almond Milk

For the most part I have switched from coffee to unsweetened green tea the last six months or so after completely cutting dairy out of my diet. I wasn’t much of a black coffee drinker and I couldn’t have artificial creamers (because of corn) and found other alternate “milks” just didn’t taste right. So abandoned coffee. Even gave my coffee maker to my sister.

I saw this Califia Farms cold brew version of coffee at the uppity mart near where I work and had a sudden craving for coffee as a flavor. I couldn’t see anything in the label (gluten, dairy, corn) that I couldn’t have so I thought I’d give it a try.

It tasted good if you are a fan of chocolate milk. Quite sweet. To be honest I couldn’t taste much coffee in it at all. It was rich and creamy. On the thicker side. Lots of chocolate flavor with a note of almond of course. Whatever coffee flavor though could be misinterpreted as the bitter hints of darker chocolate in the end.

While I was served no ill effects from drinking it it also didn’t do anything for the coffee flavor cravings I was hoping to appease. I probably won’t get it again because I tend to get floored with things that sweet, but as far as my autoimmune issues go there wasn’t anything in it that I reacted to so it won’t be completely off my list. I see they have a salted caramel option so I might give them another chance at getting the coffee flavor right.