Pebble Magnet Tutorial

Pebble magnets happen to be my blog’s most searched for phrase so I thought I’d put up a tutorial here for those of you looking into doing this easy and quick craft. I find that it can be fun to make four in a set. You can either take four from the same image, take a few similar images and a few fun words and match those, or go by color theme. These work great as gifts and I like putting together a number of different crafting projects that match in theme and color and send a whole box of cute things to people. That’s how I roll.

Materials needed:

  • Glue (Elmers or another clear drying glue.)
  • Glass pebbles
  • Magnetic buttons
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Source material (Magazines work great, but avoid things like newspapers or stuff out of your ink jet printer…the glue reacts with the ink and bad stuff happens. Also avoid any paper that is too thick and ridged)


Lay out your source material and use a pebble like a view finder over it. Once you locate something you think looks cool trace around it with a pen. Don’t worry about the black circle. When you cut it out cut just inside off the line so it will go away.

So here you have your pebble, picture, and magnet button. So far so good. If you are doing a whole bunch of these at once make sure you keep the cut out circle with its matching pebble. Not all pebbles are created equal in this case and you want your picture and pebble to fit each other.

Put a small dollop of glue on the image side of  your cut out. This might seem wrong at first, but it must be done. A good image (non newspaper or ink jet printer type thing) won’t be hurt by a little glue. Lay the pebble on top of the picture and glue dot and press it firmly into your palm for a minute.


Once it seems firmly in place turn it over and use your thumb to press out any glue bubbles. There might be too much glue in some places and not enough in others so you can move the blobs around or expel excessive amounts of glue out the sides. If you get some glue on the front of the pebble you can scrape it off later with your finger nail.

Let it dry for a good half hour. Make sure you don’t lay it near anything that would interact with the magnet. Even a nail under the carpet or another drying pebble magnet set too close could cause the magnet to migrate off center. Once it is dry you’re done.