Halloween 2013

I wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat as a kid, but for a few years I made my own costumes on the off chance my parents would last minute change their minds. I was a competitive child and the idea my friends were roaming the streets for candy while I was at home drove me nuts. They never wavered, I grew older… AND I STILL DRESS UP.

This time I am Shaun (Shauna) of the Dead. Zombie killer. Pub dweller. Cricket bat and record for weapons. The record is Pretty in Pink for those who may wonder. I am dressing up at work since I might get a prize. Or at least get to walk around with a cricket bat.


Here I am as Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I was probably 11 here. I gravitated to bad asses even at an early age. I also loved Zorro as a child. I might have been 9 there. I made the hat and mask and drew on the facial hair. LOLOLOL. Look at those nasty white shoes. Can’t even tie them. I’m sure I had a sword made out of toilet paper tubes tastefully off camera.


Back in 2011 I dressed up as a pirate for my mom’s cousin’s 50th Birthday Party. Loved that hat. I can’t find it anywhere so it may have got eaten up in the move to Texas.