Christmas! Loot! Resolutions!

I had Christmas early this year! Scored some gifts by Jasper FfordeHope SoloKelly Eddingtonetc. Finally made an honest woman of myself and got Downton Abbey too. I’ve seen them all, often ages before other Americans have, but now I’ve made it legal. Ha!

I don’t usually do resolutions. One year I had the “Year of Saying Yes”. It was the year I was just getting sick and truly miserable with my yet-to-be-diagnosed celiac. Goes to show my determination to fight back against the mental and physical effects of that even as I didn’t know what was wrong with me yet. I just knew I had to do something. I spent a year of saying yes to things. I wish I had felt better and could enjoy it more, but I certainly did new stuff (book club? jet skiing? concert going? adventure clubbing?) and changed my habits which is the point.

This year I’m going to attempt a few behavior adjustments. There’s some things about myself I’ve let slide or want to start doing. I have made a lot of personal sacrifices because I’ve been sick. Things that would make the most avid Resolutioner blanch. How about some offensive moves instead? Things I can do to improve myself because I want to and not have to do to stay alive.

  1. I want to be more deliberate with my time.
    No more blanking out in front of the computer for hours checking links in a loop in case something changes. It’s neurotic, unenjoyable, and when I am done I feel terrible. I really think those articles about technology altering brain patterns must be true. When I was 8 I’d watch cspan for fun. Now I multitask to the point I get nothing done, I certainly don’t learn anything, and don’t enjoy anything. A time waster like reading a book is ok. Cellphone off after 10 pm. Whatever is happening out there can wait until the morning. No more watching a movie while texting. Enjoy each thing separately.
  2. I want to use my powers for good.
    I’ve got a lot of skills and I want to find ways of using them to help people. Not sure what form that will take, but I’ll keep my eyes open.
  3. I want to support the things I appreciate more.
    Be it women’s soccer, getting a subscription to The New Yorker, or supporting an artist, I want the things I appreciate to get more of my time and money.
  4. I want to dream big again.
    I’ve spent most of my life setting goals and having the absurd luck of reaching them. Lately not so much. I need to get back to planning and executing and dreaming big.
  5. I want to avoid things that bring me down.
    Years ago I got fed up and self-banned myself from messageboards.  I mostly have kept to that and have been happy ever since. Every time I veer away from that I’ve been burned and learned my lesson. I need to extend that further. I need to separate myself from negative places and people. I’ll be much happier for it.